From Principal Desk

  • Rev. Bro. Jairaj M. Rao[M.A.(Hons)B.Ed.]
  • Founder, President & Principal of …
  • Don Bosco High School & Jr. College (Vikhroli)
  • St. John Bosco High School & Jr. College (Badlapur)
  • Don Bosco English Language Institute
  • Don Bosco Computer Institute
  • St. Mary’s Institute of Teacher’s Training
  • Don Bosco High School & Jr. College Bifocal (Banking & Computer Science)


It is my privilege to tell few lines for our school, since the very inception of this school in 1985, the Academy has moved forward with clear vision and objectives. Inspite of many difficult times a growing institution like our had to face, Don Bosco has today reached a very high level in the field of Eduction and Extra Curricular activities, the teaching staff are well qualified, experienced and efficient, readily respond to and adapt themselves to the demands of the changing educational pattern. Our students have performed exceedingly well in the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and High Secondary Education for Std. X & Std. XII. The higest percentage earned so far is 95.00% in March, 2016. We have always endeavored to maintain high standard of academics and discipline and have successfully applied new and progressive techniques in teaching as well as evaluation. Regular parents, Guardian’s are informed about the contacts to the progress and performance of their children. It also give us the opportunity to share and exchange ideas for the welfare of our students and for the Institution as a whole. Our efforts are not restricted to academics alone, but equal exphasis is also given to extra-curricular activities which provide for the total development of the whole person. There are activities such as sports, games, dramatics, elocution and debating, quizzing, song and dance, social service. Our students have excelled in these activities and some of them have even reached the State Level and National Level. I feel the moment in history has arrived when education must act as a powerful vehicle of profound social transformation, we carry on undauntedly in our mission taking into consideration the present needs and challenges facing us and the nation. I am extremely happy to say that our committed effectively our mission in the field of education. I thank all the members of the teaching and non-teaching staff for their devoted and dedicated service and generous co-operation and for the responsibilities they share in building up this Institution. I thank every member of the Don Bosco for their wise counsel and guidance.